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Get fit for the new season

Clothing and accessories retailer MCA of Leicester is always looking at new ways to get the customers in, and help them at the same time.

Back in January, MCA Leicester held its first course to help riders to get bike fit for 2019 and it was aimed for all levels of fitness, strength and willpower. 

They are now organising a second six-week programme designed to improve health, wellness, social life or just to get back in that old one-piece race suit.

MCA owners, former racer and fitness enthusiast Dean Ellison and wife Susie Ellison, a former strength and conditioning coach, formulated the plan to include nutritional support, five-aside football, kickboxing and motorcycle-specific strength, speed and agility exercises.

“No previous experience is needed and all fitness levels are welcome, but spaces are limited to just 15,” said Dean. “We’re looking for bikers of any discipline, age or ability…but we only want people who will fully commit to making improvements, embrace the support and guidance we will offer and you must be a team player.”[email protected] 

Closing date for applications is Friday 15 February at midnight.


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