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good year ahead, predicts NMDA

Not since 2009 has the total volume of bikes registrations been higher than last year, clearly indicating, according to the NMDA, that “at long last the economic recovery has transmitted into an upturn in motorcycle sales”.

December sales overall were up 10.6 per cent, with 4554 bikes registered in the month. This pushed the sales figure for the year over the magic 100,000 mark to a magnificent 101,277 new machines put on the UK roads.

“The biggest growth for the year came in the 51 – 125cc sector, where many of the machines are bought for commuting, which may in part be due to the upturn in employment growth,” said Stephen Latham. “It is also very important to see ongoing growth in this sector as many of these small machines are the first motorcycle bought by new riders entering the bike market and many of them will move on to the larger machines as they become more enthusiastic about riding motorcycles.”

Customer demand from the establisher bigger-bike market returned in 2014 with growth of 18.3 per cent in the 651-1000cc sector and 13.7% in the over 1000cc segment. “This is showing the general upturn in consumer confidence from the slightly older traditional bikers who are more likely to use their motorcycle for leisure purposes. From the dealers’ point of view, these are the more profitable sales that generate demand for extras, options and accessories.”

In the style sectors, naked motorcycles showed the greatest growth, with an uplift of 32.1 per cent across 2014 but much of this came from the 125cc sector, where there has been a slight decline in scooter sales. “Younger riders would prefer to be seen on a ‘proper-looking’ motorcycles, hence the preference for naked machines,” said Natham.

“Throughout 2014 many manufactures adapted and modified their product offerings to reflect the current demands in the market place and many dealers are reporting a general upturn in interest and demand so the NMDA feels that with general confidence in the economy, 2015 should be a good year for motorcycle dealers.”


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