Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Grant for electric bikes remains

When Westminster announced it was ending the £1500 grant scheme for new electric cars last month, it seemed certain that help for electric motorcycles would also be slashed. But in fact the Department for Transport has confirmed that current financial support will continue until at least 2023/24 for other vehicles, including vans, trucks, taxis and motorcycles. The motorcycle grant was of course, cut massively at the end of last year, down from £1500 to a maximum of £500, on bikes under £10,000.

Electric scooter firm Sunra UK reckons it had an instant sales hit when the UK car electric grant was cut. The firm’s Logan Black said “The government’s decision to close the Plug-in Car grant was no huge surprise, but on the plus side, it certainly provided a welcome boost for two-wheeler adoption and the positive contribution they can have combating congestion. While the government has reduced its support for two-wheel EV purchasers, we’ve been able to hold our 2021 pricing to encourage more to make the move. We plan to hold this as long as possible in 2022.”


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