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'great response' in ride to work week countdown

Further to our Ride to Work Week post this morning, in which BDN invited participating parties to send us their stories and pictures, the MCIA has been in touch to report a great response from its membership in support of the forthcoming event (20 to 26 June). It is also offering new material developed that can help with Ride to Work Week related events and campaigns.


  • INFOGRAPHICS: You can find new infographics that promote the Ride To Work Week themes (Save Time, Save Money, Easy Parking, Improved Road Skills and More Fun) in various forms, great for websites, social media, banners, newsletters and more.  These are downloadable from and some examples are shown in the attached pdf.


  • HIGH VIS VESTS:  We have a number of RTWW vests (see picture), perfect for your ride outs, try out events etc.  The vests feature fun slogans again based around the five themes: MCIA staff have modelled them for you – see the image attached. Please contact us if you would like some for your own event (and make sure you send us a picture).


  • T SHIRTS:  We also have RTWW T shirts for event organisers, with slogans –  it’s just more fun, save on petrol spend more on you, less time in traffic; more time in bed.  Numbers are limited so first come first served.


Please do remember to let us know what you have planned so we can include it on the Ride to Work Website and list your company as a supporter.  We will also promote your activities through our social media channels and share your content (please share ours! – @RideToWorkWeek  #commutehappy

The story behind the high vis vests can be viewed at


For more information please contact Sandra (02476408004 [email protected]) or Stevie (07989 378597 [email protected]).


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