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happy harley dealers back brand in NMDA survey

Harley-Davidson topped a remarkable 19 of the 36 categories in the NMDA autumn survey of dealer attitudes, while Honda propped up 11 and BMW four, although the dealer association cautioned that the Harley and BMW results were based on a low, 14%, participation which “might skew results”.

The perceived value of holding a BMW franchise plummeted by 24% in the last six months and the marque went from top of the league to bottom when it came to expectations of future profitability. Those concerns were underlined in the section scoring manufacturer’s standards compared with return on investment/reward, where BMW slipped from third bottom of the table to bottom.

Dealers also marked BMW down significantly on brand image. On the brighter side, BMW, Kawasaki, Kymco and KTM were ranked high for price and value.

Honda’s performance deteriorated further and would have been worse had it not been for BMW’s fall from relative grace. Triumph dealers marked the Hinckley company down by 12% in terms of franchise value.

On the positive side, Harley’s performance was remarkable, and KTM topped three sectors and saw its perceived value increase by 16%.

Lexmoto also saw consistent improvement and topped three categories.

NMDA chief Steve Latham said the survey had good participation from dealers, with 206 – 25% – taking part. Sixty-seven per cent of Honda dealers (47 out of 70) voted, but of the rest he stated: “BMW and Harley had only 14% participation, Lexmoto 13% and Kymco 8% so one may wish to consider their results as skewed and may not be representative of the brand.”

The full survey results plus analysis will appear in the December issue of BDN. Responses/reaction can be sent in advance of publication to [email protected]

NMDA members can download the survey (50 pages) by emailing [email protected]


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