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HJC FG-17 awarded four stars in Sharp test

HJC’s FG-17 – the brand’s “most important new mid-range helmet in years” – has recently achieved an impressive four-star Sharp rating.

This multi-fibre helmet comes with a quick release, auto-locking visor with a Pinlock anti-fog system as standard, as well as a complementary tinted visor included in the package and is claimed to be lightweight.

SHARP is the helmet safety scheme which was introduced in 2007 when the Department for Transport found real differences in the safety performance of motorcycle helmets available in the UK. While all helmets have to meet minimum safety standards, research showed that up to 50 lives could be saved each year if motorcyclists wore the safest helmets available to them.

During a sharp test – which can award up to five stars – a minimum of 32 impacts are carried out for each rating. The FG-17 proved to be an extremely safe option when the front, crown and the rear of the helmet were rated as very good, reaching the very top end of the scale. These were closely followed by the right and left impact results.


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