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insurer boosts mcia training drive

Insurance specialist Carole Nash is to sponsor ten motorcycle training businesses to attend a ‘quality assured’ course.

The course – the Rider Training Industry Competence, ATB Owner award – is run by the MCIA’s Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC). Businesses pay £1575 each for the course.

The company will pay all course fees for selected schools and will reward the riders training with those schools with preferential insurance rates, “in acknowledgment of the high quality of customer service and instruction they will receive”.

Carole Nash is the first MCIA member to sponsor such a large number of training schools in one go, a move which Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association (pictured), says “demonstrates the insurer’s commitment to long-term goals of reducing the number of accidents and improving rider safety through high-quality training businesses”.

The MCIAC runs courses which are ‘quality assured’ by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and approved by the DVSA.  These began in spring of this year and are setting new standards for the motorcycle training industry. 

Kenward added: “The launch of a new rider safety website in the New Year will make the MCIAC the go-to place to find high-quality training.”

Carole Nash’s Product and Marketing Director Nick Baker said “We want to see the number of motorcycle accidents reduced and we believe excellent rider training could help achieve this, which is why we want to promote these new training standards.

“Having looked through the syllabus of the MCIAC course for training ATB businesses we are pleased to see that ‘customer experience’ is central to the MCIAC training experience which matches the Carole Nash ethos.

“One of the aspects of MCIA ‘quality assurance’ we are particularly pleased with – is the fact that the schools are visited annually, and customers are surveyed regularly to ensure standards are upheld all day, every day.  We know that non MCIAC ATBs are not inspected at all and that currently the DVSA only inspects individual instructors every four years.

”If we retain the loyalty of riders who have trained with our MCIAC sponsored schools, we are likely to have potentially better riders on our books.”

Kenward concluded: “Carole Nash’s support will help us put more schools through MCIAC training this year, placing us a step closer to assuring the Government that we have a robust and cohesive training industry. That way we stand a much better chance of being the first EU country to opt for the 3DLD training upgrade.  This would allow riders who already hold a licence to take a programme of structured training rather than repeated tests.”

The course is suitable for managers or owners of ATBs. Call Jenny Luckman on 02476 408024 or email [email protected]




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