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london pollution story adds weight to case for plug-in grants

A newspaper report today adds to the government’s embarrassment over its failure to stick to its pre-election promise to include electric PTWs in the long-running plug-in grants scheme. The scheme provides incentives to buyers of electric cars and vans but discriminates against e-PTWs (electric-powered two-wheelers).

It is now 14 months since the government announced it would extend the scheme to electric bikes but nothing has happened and, as British Dealer News reported in our May issue, the signs are ominous.

BDN has already pointed out that the market for green electric bikes has effectively been killed off since the government’s announcement – a development which has particular resonance today as a report has emerged about dangerous traffic-related air pollution in London.

Boris Johnson has been accused by his successor as London mayor of suppressing an air pollution report, Analysing Air Pollution Exposure in London, that showed 433 primary schools were located in areas that exceed EU limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution.  

A spokeswoman for Sadiq Khan said the new mayor planned to publish the full report. She told The Guardian: “This shocking report reveals a snapshot of the true ?impact that our polluted air has on some of London’s most vulnerable communities. It is difficult to understand why the last mayoralty decided to cover it up and not fully release it in 2013 – they clearly didn’t want Londoners to know the dire state of pollution in the capital.

“The mayor is fully committed to cleaning up our air and protecting Londoners’ health and is shocked to learn that important scientific evidence like this have been locked and ignored at City Hall.”

BDN is continuing to press the government to stick to its word, having written to the minister and new mayor of London on the issue. We have also posted the story on social media and Linked In, where our post has received support from Jamie Masterman, whose role is consultant powersports distribution and brand building. Masterman says he has met with his local MP to protest and to explain that the government’s failure to deliver on its promise of plug-in grants has led him to cancel an order for more than 100 electric scooters.…


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