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london scooter dealer is acid attack victim

A London scooter dealer was one of the victims of the spate of horrific acid attacks on riders in the capital last Thursday.

David Rosenberg, general manager at Scootech, which has two branches in the city, was riding home from work at about 9.45pm when two youths drew up next to him at traffic lights near Olympic Park in Stratford. One of them threw a corrosive substance at his face.

Luckily Rosenberg was wearing a full-face helmet and glasses so none of the acid got in his eyes but he still sustained burns to his cheek, lips and chin.

Rosenberg managed to ride off but was chased by the criminals for more than a mile before managing to get away.  

Once home he jumped in the shower and doused the corrosive substance with water before his wife drove him to hospital. He is currently off work and will not return until next Tuesday.

The acid left his motorcycle jacket “looking like it had been shredded by a machine gun”.

BDN was told he was “really shaken up” by the crime which “happened so quickly”.

Responding, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) says it is, along with many others, “appalled and saddened by the recent spate of lawless activity involving motorcycles and scooters”.

The industry body says it has been working with police for a number of years to minimise motorcycle and scooter theft, recognising that a stolen vehicle is often at the centre of a criminal act.

“Motorcycle manufacturers produce a range of on-board anti-theft devices, trackers and locators and the MCIA has produced a deterrent marking scheme – the Master Security Scheme – which has been proven not only to reduce theft but improve recovery of stolen vehicles.

“Together with the police the MCIA urges genuine motorcycle users to be vigilant with regard to securing their vehicles. Any motorcycle dealer will have an array of additional locking devices, tracking systems, deterrent marking devices and vehicle covers, the use of which in conjunction with the manufacturer’s on-board devices will improve the scooter or motorcycle security and make it less appealing to the thief and criminal intent on using the owners property to commit further crime.”

Established 18 years ago in 1998, Piaggio Group supplier Scootech describes itself as “one of London’s biggest major scooter specialists, with our showrooms covering both the City and Docklands”.


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