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low finance on GSX-R1000R

Suzuki has added the GSX-R1000R to it’s 2%, 3%, 4% finance offer, which means the range-topping superbike can be ridden away for just £155 per month.

The current offer allows customers to choose either a PCP or hire purchase deal, and select the term of their agreement, from two, three, or four-year plans with an APR to match. With a £ ;\(“£”#,##0.00\)”,1],”5″:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”6”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”7”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”8”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”9″:1,”10″:1,”11″:4,”14″:[null,2,0],”15″:”
Arial”,”16″:10}” data-sheets-value=”{“1″:3,”3”:3319.68}”>3319.68
deposit or trade-in, the GSX-R1000R can be had for £155 per month over four years on a PCP deal, or £299 per month on a hire purchase deal with no final balloon payment and a deposit or trade-in of  ;\(“£”#,##0.00\)”,1],”5″:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”6”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”7”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”8”:{“1”:[{“1″:2,”2″:0,”5”:[null,2,0]},{“1″:0,”2″:0,”3”:3},{“1″:1,”2″:0,”4″:1}]},”9″:1,”10″:1,”11″:4,”15″:”Arial”,”16″
:10}” data-sheets-value=”{“1″:3,”3”:3180.8672754241015}”>£3,180.87.

The award-winning superbike boasts a comprehensive suite of electronics, with an inertial measurement unit controlled, 10-stage traction control system and cornering ABS, plus launch control and quickshifter and auto-blipper. More MotoGP technology sees the bike get a variable valve timing system that boosts both low down torque and peak power.


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