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make it a bumper year with oxford car stickers

Oxford Products has produced two car bumper stickers which will help to promote interest in motorcycling. The stickers carry the words “My other car’s a motorcycle”, with motorcycle graphics and Oxford branding. Samples of both stickers will be inserted in the April and May issues of BDN.

The idea for the stickers came from a conversation between MCIA CEO Steve Kenward and Oxford’s MD Andrew Hammond. They were discussing the fact that there is a real “buzz” about the industry at the moment; one which reminded them of an earlier time. That earlier time was during the 1990s when the industry was enjoying a boom in a born-again bikers and biking was once again “cool”. The MCIA got behind the spirit of the time by producing a car window/bumper sticker which told the world that “my other car’s a motorcycle”.

As then, the stickers will enable bikers unable to do their daily commute on two wheels for whatever reason to show off their passion to the world.

Oxford is using the stickers to engage with consumers through social media – offering them as prizes. Dealers wanting extra stickers can order them by emailing [email protected].




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