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'market looks buoyant to end of year', says nmda

The change to the latest number plate always accelerates the market but this September has been exceptional with growth of 17.3%, writes the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA). In unit terms that meant an increase of 2359 machines compared with the same month last year.

NMDA chief Steve Latham said: “All power ranges above 50cc performed above figures from September 2015 and in particular¬† motorcycles over 1000cc saw a massive 35.9% increase, 3415 machines, compared with last September when only 2512 were registered. It is often that these high-powered top-end bikes that mostly cost well over ¬£10,000 are ordered to be supplied on the new 66 number plate, thereby holding their residual value up for longer.

“Mid-range motorcycles (126-650cc) also did well, posting an increase of 41.7% in the month, and it has been this power range that has had the highest growth of 13.6% throughout 2016. In the first nine months of this year more than 101,000 motorcycles of all sizes have been registered and just two years ago we were hoping that these numbers would be an end-of year-figure.

“Market leader in September was Honda, with 2603 registrations, followed by Yamaha, which put 1965 bikes on the road. In third place was BMW with 1510 sales (226 in August). This clearly indicates the hold-back to September deliveries for customers to have the latest 66 number plate on their new motorcycle. This drive to have the latest plate illustrates the difference between discretionary purchases from enthusiastic experienced riders against the demands from necessity for basic commuter transport where the number plate is less important. This is reinforced by the fact that budget brand Lexmoto fell back to seventh position with 934 sales.

“The market looks buoyant to the end of this year, with many dealers and manufacturers focused on clearing all their Euro 3 stock prior to the January deadline where they will then move over to more expensive Euro 4 product. With the weak value of sterling, prices should be rising now but many are holding back to ensure the Euro 3 product is moved on. The introduction of Euro 4 product in the new year will enable many importers and manufacturers to mask their currency price increase into the Euro 4 price hike, up to then the market looks like it will perform well until the end of 2016.”



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