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mcia issues advice on AHO

The MCIA last night (8 October) issued its own statement clarifying the working details – reported online by BDN on Tuesday – of the Automatic Headlights On legislation. It reads:

“Current end-of-series rules will apply to motorcycles, mopeds and other L category vehicles manufactured before October 2015 and present in the EU before the end of December 2015.  The current rules do NOT have any limit on the number of vehicles to which the derogation can apply; however, the validity of the derogation is only for 12 months, which in practice means that the vehicle must be registered with DVLA before the end of 2016.

“Automatic Headlights On (AHO) is a requirement for all new registrations from 1 January 2016, so manufacturers with unregistered vehicles likely to be still be in the supply chain after this date that do not have AHO fitted as standard will need to apply to VCA for derogation under the current end of series rules before 1 December this year.  Modifying a vehicle after it has been manufactured in order to comply with the requirement may invalidate the conformity of the vehicle with its type approval and could constitute an offence.

“Most Euro 3 vehicles (as well as Euro 2 mopeds) already fitted with AHO as standard can continue to be registered with DVLA as normal until January 2017 in the case of motorcycles and January 2018 in the case of mopeds. Manufacturers are recommended to obtain further documentation from their type approval authorities to verify fitment of AHO in case an audit becomes necessary.  It is worth noting that a false declaration is a criminal offence attracting a fine and a potential two-year prison sentence.  After these dates, new registrations will only be possible for Euro 4 approved motorcycles and mopeds. 

“Again, there will be an end of series for non-Euro 4 machines, but these will be under the new rules to which limits apply. The details of this specific EOS is subject to further work by the DfT.  We are advised that the DfT will be issuing more detail on this element in due course, so look out for further news.”


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