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MCIA issues coronavirus statement

With the current health crisis developing by the hour and the subsequent impact this is already having on the market, MCIA says it will continue to provide its members with the latest guidance and support from government. 

A statement read: “More importantly, MCIA will also continue to work closely with the relevant government departments to ensure that they are fully aware of the challenges and the significant effect they are having on our industry.

“In the first instance, we have raised our serious concerns to the DfT about the planned introduction of Euro 5 for whole vehicles, advising them that a sizable drop in the 2020 new vehicle market will not only impact on our ability to timely phase out E4 stock, but also the knock-on effect this will have on the introduction of Euro 5 products.

Over the next few weeks, our primary focus will be on:

  1. Supporting our members with up to date information and government guidance relative to Covid-19


  1. Ensuring that Government is kept fully appraised of the business challenges and potential outcomes of any actions they put in place to contain this virus   


  1. Continuing to promote the idea that PTWs are a great alternative to public and other forms of shared transport, which is consistent with the government’s recommendations.    


  1. Continuing to represent the sector as the Government pushes ahead with negotiations with the EU, US, Japan, New Zealand and CTPP FTA’s.  N.B. We are informed that there is no plan to extend the EU exit transition period beyond the end of this year.


  1. Ensuring that no services are compromised as a result of the necessary actions to keep the MCIA team healthy and at work.


“MCIA is confident that it can rely on the continued support of its members over the next few months, as this is vital in enabling it to represent and protect our industry during these unprecedented and difficult times. Members can do this by participating in calls for evidence and responses to other requests for information from us, all of which help us represent our industry’s interests more effectively.

“MCIA offers everyone in our industry its best wishes in these unprecedented times, both personally and professionally.”



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