Monday, July 15, 2024
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MCIA thanks Chancellor for his support

MCIA, the organisation that represents Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry, welcomes the Chancellor’s commitment to support apprenticeships, and his other programmes to help those seeking and returning to work.

MCIA is particularly gratified that, unlike his colleague Grant Shapps, Mr Sunak showed his support for motorcycles and scooters, with the use of a powered two wheeler analogy when describing his “kick start” scheme.

Motorcycles and scooters, collectively known as Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs), are a vital part of the PLV family and are already showing the significant contribution they can make as a genuine alternative to public transport and to the transport landscape in general.

This is particularly true where walking and cycling are not viable options, which is often the case for apprentices and other young workers, especially those in rural areas and market towns.  Small PTWs are easy to ride and are accessible following the completion of a Compulsory Basic Training course (no test required). 

They are inexpensive to run, economical with low or zero emissions, don’t cause traffic congestion or damage infrastructure and are easy to park.  Riders have a smile on their face, because they enjoy the ride and spend less time commuting.

Despite the Government’s reticence in promoting PTWs, many people are seeing the advantages they offer, with June sales of commuter-focussed scooters up over 51%, compared with a year ago.

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