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MCN launches Save Our Roads Petition

MCN is launching a Save Our Roads petition today to encourage the Government to implement a proper plan to improve them.

MCN claims:

• The Government raises £33bn through tax on petrol each year, yet none of this revenue is allocated to road maintenance.

• 18 per cent of Britain’s roads are classed as being in poor condition.

• 70 per cent of people are dissatisfied with the state of UK roads.

MCN points out that the road network is Britain’s most valuable asset (Action For Roads report, DfT 2013), yet we currently spend less than one per cent of its asset value maintaining it.

MCN has a three-point plan:

1. 2p from the 57.95p that the Government takes from every litre of fuel should go to preventative road maintenance. This guaranteed income of around £1bn would allow highways authorities to plan maintenance properly.  

2. The Government’s Code of Practice for road maintenance should be rewritten for 21st-century traffic conditions and budget constraints.

3. All road authorities should have a competent Asset Management Plan, forcing them to think long-term about road maintenance.

The MCN Save Our Roads Petition encourages motorcyclists to send out a message to the Government that it can no longer ignore the danger to motorcyclists caused by potholes and deteriorating road surfaces.

The petition can be found at


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