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Moto Rapido is Ducati dealer of the year

Moto Rapido of Winchester has been confirmed as the 2013 Ducati UK dealer of the year. Ducati UK’s top award, it is recognition of the “overall hard work and dedication to the brand”. This independent solus dealer has been part of the Italian marque’s dealer network since 2005 and is renowned by its customers for its enthusiasm, professionalism and passion for the brand.

MD Steve Moore said Moto Rapido was thrilled to receive such recognition. “To win this award, every aspect of the dealership has to be to a very high level and the service and professionalism of my team is something I am extremely proud of.  In 2005 we won ‘best new dealer’ and have since won and been commended for four other accolades.  Consistently winning these awards is down to all the team here really going the extra mile and taking pride in their work.  I have been keen to win this one since we started with Ducati. It will be displayed with great pride in the shop.”

Tim Maccabee, MD of Ducati UK, said: “I am delighted this award has gone to Moto Rapido which is one of our most committed and pro-active dealers in the network.  Steve Moore and his team are Ducati through and through and a credit to the brand, showing passion and professionalism both in the dealership and on the race track. Moto Rapido also has consistently achieved strong results, helping Ducati to achieve its sales successes over the past few years.” 

Another notable award winner is P&H Motorcycles for the award for ‘Notable Contribution to the Brand’. This is in recognition of the continued commitment and professionalism from this long-serving dealer.

The full list of award winners will appear in the next issue of British Dealer News.

Pictured are Tim Maccabee, Managing Director – Ducati UK, and Steve Moore, Managing Director – Moto Rapido.


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