Sunday, April 21, 2024


That’s the simple message from Sump Magazine which is strongly encouraging its readers and visitors to directly email Prime Minister Boris Johnson and encourage him to underscore the important role of motorcycles during the coronavirus pandemic – especially with regard to mobilising the UK workforce.

Public transport, according to Sump, is simply too dangerous and quite probably non-viable given the current two metre distancing rule. Meanwhile for many others, car usage, cycling and walking are not practical options. But modern motorcycles can clearly make an important, timely and cost-effective contribution to essential travelling whilst doing little or nothing to help spread the virus.

MOTORCYCLES. WORK. That’s the new slogan that Sump Magazine wants to hear from 10 Downing Street. To that end, bikers, bike magazine editors and everyone else in the motorcycle trade are encouraged to hit the link below and send a message directly to Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street.

The process is simple and will take no more than two minutes. Just be aware that any and all comments should be voiced as a question and not a statement. That will encourage Downing Street to respond in kind rather than simply tacitly note the comment.

Finally, note that after sending a message, it’s important to check your email and hit the CONFIRMATION link.

MOTORCYCLES. WORK -Let’s do what we can to help get this country up on its wheels and put Covid-19 back in its box.



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