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New 10Ten RS is set to shock

The new 10Ten MXE-RS is a youth-size electric motocross model scheduled to arrive on these shores in June.

Importer Dualways describes the new bike as “cutting-edge” and says the electric-powered machine has been developed over a two year period with Dualways’ in-house development team based in the UK. The company says its focus was to “deliver unparalleled quality and performance to the club racing and leisure riding sectors, all at a remarkably competitive price”.

Whether it lives up to those lofty ambitions will be revealed in the summer, but the Bafang 5.5kW motor and controller, combined with a premium-quality LG battery, should provide a powerful and exhilarating ride for youngsters.

The MXE-RS comes in both 12in/12in and 14in/12in wheel size configurations, with both sizes available in grey/black and red/black.
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