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New era for Suzuki ATV

Suzuki GB has announced Mark Beeley as the new Head of its ATV and Marine Divisions, along with several other new roles within the department.

Beeley has been with Suzuki for 13 years and his role has changed from that of National Sales Manager for Marine, to now encompass responsibility for the ATV product range.

Beeley joined Suzuki in 2006 and has previously looked after some of Suzuki Marine’s key dealers, and boat builder accounts throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland as well as successfully increasing Suzuki’s sales and market share within the marine market.

Neil Disbrey will continue to support the team as marine & ATV coordinator, and Charlotte Dyson fills a new role as sales operations administrator focusing on specialist Marine and ATV knowledge. 

Suzuki sees its dealer network as key to their future success. This restructure allows Harvey Day, now ATV sales manager, to focus on sales and dealer support.

Paul de Lusignan, director for motorcycle, marine and ATV at Suzuki GB, said, “Mark has experience with ATVs, and we feel that ATV & Marine have worked well together so this change will keep the continuity to help us grow sales over the coming years. Our network will see very little change as Harvey will remain the primary contact for our dealers and will continue to support them as he has done in his previous role.”

On his promotion, Beeley said, “I am excited about this new opportunity and can’t wait to reacquaint myself with the agricultural sector and our utility ATV customers. I am looking forward to supporting Harvey and helping him continue the fantastic work that he has already done.”

Pictured above (left to right) Mark Beeley, Harvey Day, Neil Disbrey, Charlotte Dyson


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