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New riding centre

A new motorcycle trail-riding centre benefiting from some of the best off-roading terrain opens to the public this spring.

Launched by Phoenix Motorcycle Training, the UK’s largest motorcycle training provider, the new centre is based at Codford, near Warminster in Wiltshire, and offers access to approved routes spanning 300sq.miles of Salisbury Plain.

Graded from Level 1 (beginner) to Level 4 (expert), the routes range from from fairly easy right up to some formidable challenges. Run by dedicated off-road instructors, the new venture builds on the success of the organisation’s existing off-road school in Kent. The aim is to encourage motorcyclists to get more out of their riding and develop valuable new skills. The Codford centre provides riders with a Honda CRF250 (or they can ride their own machinery), professional instruction, and any kit they require.

“For years, we’ve specialised in on-road training, from CBT to advanced,” says Mark Jaffe, owner of Phoenix Motorcycle Training. “After we opened our trail riding centre in Kent, however, we realised that there was a big pent-up demand for off-road tuition too.”

For more information, contact: 0330 2234000; [email protected].


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