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new tool 'helps ebay sellers boost sales'

Ecommerce software developer Optiseller has launched a new tool for sellers of motorcycle and scooter parts on eBay that is said to increase visibility and boost sales.

The tool makes sure that sellers have the correct part compatibility information using eBay’s MML (Master Motorcycle List) data for their listings. This will help them reach more buyers and make it easier for new buyers to find their products on eBay.

Optiseller’s Motorcycle Parts Compatibility Finder scans all the seller’s active listings to identify which ones have vehicle information in titles and descriptions such as make, model and engine size, and matches those against existing ePIDs (eBay product identifiers). Sellers can then download a report giving them the relevant ePID to include on their listing giving them the compatibility coverage. The seller can then update their listings directly on eBay or using their listing tool.

The tool comes as part of a suite of online optimisation tools on monthly subscription.

Optiseller CEO Craig MacCallum said: “Online sellers of motorcycle parts can have hundreds of thousands of items in their inventory.  It is not surprising, therefore, that listings data can be incomplete. This means that when buyers are searching for parts for their bike they may not find that seller’s listing.

“Our tool simplifies the process of adding parts compatibility information to listings.”


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