Tuesday, July 23, 2024


“The latest Power Two Wheelers (PTW) registration figures for April 2022 are very positive with consumer appetite switching towards cleaner and cheaper modes of transport off the back of hikes in petrol prices and cost of living pressures”, commented Stephen Latham, interim head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA), commenting on the latest MCIA new registration figures.

Not only has April experienced a 4.2% rise in registrations for motorcycles and scooters in April from 10,232 units to 11,327; year-to-date figures are also extremely encouraging, displaying a 32.4% increase in the first four months of the year.

Larger motorcycles bought for sports and leisure showed modest improvements in registrations in April. The 125-650cc sector experienced an increase of 10.1% in April and the largest sub-band of bikes, over 1000cc, were up 4%, indicating that ‘traditional bikers’ are keen to upgrade their machines for the summer season.

With the effect of last autumn’s tanker driver shortages, petrol prices rising and general concerns relating to the environment, consumer demand for electric Power Two Wheelers (ePTWs) has continued to accelerate. So far this year, 2,489 EV bikes have gone on the road compared with 1,477 in the same period in 2021, an increase of 68.5%. Most of these electric bikes are smaller models with a 1-4kw power range.

Honda remains the highest registering bike for April at 2,099, Yamaha followed with 1,301 new power-two-wheelers hitting the road, with Triumph in third position with 804 units. The highest registering models were the Honda PCX 125 with 386 units and the Royal Enfield METEOR 350 with 226 units.

Stephen Latham added: “Unlike the car and van market, which are showing lower year-on-year registrations due to production and supply shortages, the power-two-wheel market continues to meet demand with product supply.

“However, dealers remain cautiously optimistic as they are currently meeting consumer demand but are conscious model availability could negatively affect their business in the future.”


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