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NMDA Comment on July motorcycle registrations

“Scooters and motorcycle sales saw a 41.9% rise compared with July last year. The public remain cautious to return to trains and buses, which is notably benefiting scooters and motorcycle sales”, said Stephen Latham, Head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) which represents motorcycle retailers across the UK.

Motorcycle sales grew by 42.0% with a total of 13,093 units registered in July. All variants of showed increases in registrations.

Total Scooter sales rose by over 56.6% to 3,576 units, up from 2,284 in the July 2019. This is shows that these machines are continuing their increase in popularity among commuters seeking a viable alternative to public transport.

The continued rise in popularity for scooters follows the positive campaign the NMDA, alongside the MCIA, have run recently to spread the message of ‘unlocking your freedom’ through advising that bikes are ‘COVID-safe to ride’.
All engine bands, from 0-50cc to over 1000cc, experienced an increase. While the majority of the growth tended to be driven by the less power motorcycles, with 51-251cc rising by 62.5%, the larger powered motorcycles still experienced impressive increases. The over 1000cc segment rose by 38.8%.

The biggest selling model in July was the Honda PCX125 with 458 registrations. Overall, Honda continued to outsell all other brands with 2,554 bikes sold, followed by Yamaha with 1,607 registrations, with Lexmoto, that champion in the sale of budget price 125cc bikes, coming in at third with 1,163 new machines.

Latham continued, “Current riders and new entrants to the motorcycle market are becoming increasingly assured of the benefits of motorcycles. The benefits are that it permits isolated travel, a less congested commute and lower fuel consumption. It’s a shame that the Government do not instruct all local authorities to allow bus lanes to be used by scooters and motorcycles, instead, they retain a fixation that push bikes are the only way to commute.”

Results taken from the Motorcycle Industry Association Press Statistics – New Motorcycle registrations.




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