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no mcia Motorcycle Off-Road Experience this year

The Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) will be rested this year in preparation for a potentially larger event in 2017, says organiser the MCIA.

At a recent meeting, the board agreed that the event had been extremely successful in meeting objectives. These include drawing new people into off-road sport, encouraging people to take further off-road training and providing sales leads to the manufacturers involved, which have all been measured through the MCIA contact centre.
An expanded event – to include adventure and trail bikes – could extend the benefits of a ‘try-out’ experience to other bikes in the off-road leisure sector and potentially allow additional manufacturers to take part.
Steve Kenward, CEO said: “We know try-out events work and they deliver new people to motorcycling.  Over the past four years around 1300 people have taken their first taste of off-road riding in a structured and well-run environment, including more than 70 journalists. MORE has been particularly effective at making it easy for people to try off-road riding for the first time, which was the initial motivation.
“Over the past few years the number of media features on off-road riding has risen significantly and a number of manufacturers have repeated the MORE blueprint on an individual basis, which has improved access for newcomers to try off-road riding all year round.  
“Feedback collated through the MCIA contact centre shows MORE was tremendously well received by participants.  We have also been able to understand the reasons why people want to get into off-road riding and can track how their interest progresses after the event.  We know that there are large numbers of people who are drawn to motorcycling for off-road adventure and trail riding and we believe that the opportunity exists for a refreshed event to also cater to this need, subject to interest among members.”


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