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Off-road shock as TMX closes

As some of you will know, the 27 October issue of Trials and Motocross News (TMX) was the last edition of the weekly off-road tabloid. Title owner, National World Publishing, let it be known that the brand has sunk without trace, so there will be no more website, blog or even a memorial publication.

The decision to knock TMX on the head is rather puzzling, given the buoyant state of the off-road sport nationally and globally. Sadly, no one from the publishers was available for comment at the time of going to press. Dwindling advertising revenue and increased paper and distribution costs have hit the print industry particularly hard this year which may have been a contributory factor in the title’s demise.

The publication had a reputation as the world’s leading off-road weekly, and had been in continuous production for the last 45 years. For the trade, it used to be the go-to outlet for advertising products and services within the off-road world.

Birth of a legend
The birth of Trials and Motocross News coincided with the beginnings of this correspondent’s own career in motorcycle journalism, and I can recall taking part in a rather interesting coast-to-coast off-road trip back in the day from Morecambe to Whitby led by TMX’s Mike Sweeney. In fact, it was that trip that kindled my burgeoning interest in trail riding.

“It was a complete shock when we received confirmation from National World Publishing that issue 2323 would be the last edition of TMX to be printed,” admitted TMX editor of eight years, Anthony Sutton. “The truth is that we were retaining great reader numbers, and our audience is, without doubt, the most engaged in the UK – people who live, breathe and bleed off-road motorcycle sport. The same can be said of the advertisers who have backed us to what has sadly proved to be the end.

“It’s very disappointing to be put in a position where we are unable to continue doing what we do. The team here puts in 100% effort on a weekly basis, and quite often goes above and beyond, to ensure that the newspaper arrives in the hands of its readers 51 weeks of the year.

“In addition to the newspaper, www.tmxnews.co.uk has been a regular port of call for online users around the globe 24/7 for well over a decade, offering a slightly different spin on things than the printed product. While the website will stay online, it will no longer be updated.

“On a personal level, I’m devastated as TMX has always been a massive part of my life. As soon as I could read, I pored over the pages, bought and sold bikes in the classifieds section, purchased products from countless advertisers and entered a plethora of events featured in the Regs Available pages. I also read the hallowed pages to follow the trials and tribulations of countless heroes in a multitude of sports. Heck, I even featured in the results myself once or twice! As a reader, I think everyone would agree that TMX has been invaluable.

“To eventually work on the product as the editor and to lead the team that carries the mantle for something that is way bigger than any of us, or anything else in the off-road universe for that matter, has been a complete privilege.

“It’s incredibly sad that this is the end for TMX – for the British off-road community as a whole. Thanks to every reader, advertiser, contributor, editor and team member who has played a part in TMX’s success – your input and support have meant everything.”

Subscribers have been assured that any outstanding credit will be refunded in full. Contact 0330 403 0066;  [email protected], or text 07723 350848.

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