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One week to go before Ride to Work Week

There’s one week to go until this year’s Ride to Work Week, which takes place Monday 20 June (Ride to Work Day) through to Sunday 26 June.

If you plan to take part, let us know at BDN and we invite all participating dealers to submit pictures and a short report of their activities during the week.

The MCIA says the industry’s national PR campaign will, as ever, promote the many benefits of riding to and from work encouraging new riders to the community and leisure riders to use their bikes more frequently for their daily commute. The association has issued the following press release:

What can you do to support Ride to Work Week?

Ride to Work provides some great opportunities and it is possible to use it in many different ways and levels, e.g., promoting motorcycling, encouraging newcomers to the market, boosting sales of products and services and increasing staff knowledge and moral.

The MCIA have made a few suggestions and points out that anything, on a large or small scale, will help!

  • Events for the workforce – free CBTs, try a bike opportunities, pillion ride commutes, new model test  rides, ride outs, breakfasts, skills development through BikeSafe, IAM or RoSPA, seminars with guest speakers.
  • Events for existing and potential customers – product and service discount promotions, new model test rides, BBQs, breakfasts, try a bike opportunities.
  • Spread the word –
    • PR – incorporate Ride to Work and its messages in your PR and advertising.
    • Social media – use your Facebook and Twitter presence – personal and corporate – to create awareness and encourage participation.  Share our content and create your own.
    • Websites and intranets – promote the benefits of motorcycling on websites and intranets.
    • Customer databases – mail your customers about Ride to Work and any sales promotions, competitions or events you may be organising.
    • Talk to others – do you know other companies or organisations (e.g. a local riders group) who could get involved in some way?
  • Ride to Work banners – use the downloads available from the Ride to Work Website for email and web banners and logos for your marketing material.
  • Ride to Work – be a campaign advocate and ride to work yourself and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.  Use social media to tell people about it.
  • New to riding? – book yourself a CBT and see for yourself how addictive it becomes…

How the MCIA can help

  • The Ride to Work PR Guide – available from the MCIA – has been updated and contains PR messages and resources that can support them.
  • The MCIA can get involved in your PR efforts in a number of ways e.g., providing quotes and statistics, checking facts and coming up with ideas.
  • Can promote your company through its Ride to Work initiatives on our social media platforms and web sites and incorporate in press releases where appropriate.
  • Can be a sounding board for any idea you are considering and can usually chip in our own suggestions too!

Tell the MCIA

  • The MCIA asks that if you are planning anything at all to let it know so that itcan share ideas with others and promote your activities to a wider audience.
  • The MCIA says it is also pleased to receive any ideas, suggestions and feedback regarding the MCIA’s Ride to Work and PR initiatives (outlined below).

What will the MCIA be doing this year?

This year the MCIA’s PR and related activities will focus on ‘Motorcycle Northants’;  Northampton County Council’s implementation of the Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework;  – a fantastic initiative and a huge PR story in itself! 

Plans include:

  • Opportunities for the people of Northampton to try motorcycling for free with Get On at Silverstone on Saturday (25th June) and after work  (Monday 20th  to Friday 24th June) in the  evenings at a central location.
  • A static display sited from Monday to Friday at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Northampton, with staff on hand to engage with passing shoppers, promoting  the congestion busting benefits of Powered Two Wheeled commute.
  • Opportunities for existing motorcyclists in the County to develop their riding skills through a weekend of assessment and training, provided by BikeSafe and IAM (18th and 19th June). And those who are considering a two wheeled commute will be offered ‘accompanied rides to work’ by IAM observers.
  • Major employers in Northamptonshire will be targeted to highlight the business benefits of a workforce utilising motorcycles and scooters for their commutes and as a time saving and economic fleet transport option.
  • National and regional PR campaigns will focus on how Northamptonshire County Council has embraced motorcycling in recognition of its ability to provide a solution to congestion issues.    Existing ‘City Challenge’ videos will be used to assist the PR effort – demonstrating the time saving benefits of a commute by motorcycle or scooter compared to other modes of transport.  A special challenge will be produced in Northampton.
  • The motorcycle community will be mobilised to ride to work during the week and spread the word using web and social media platforms (, @RideToWorkWeek).

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