Thursday, July 18, 2024
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online magazine produces safety video

An online classic bike magazine has published a video aimed at drivers, with the intention of ‘raising a flag specifically for motorcycle safety’.

The short video (1min 17secs) – ‘THINK BIKE, THINK CAMERA, THINK JAIL’ – is intended to make more motorists aware of the fact that motorcyclists routinely use helmet cameras, in order to persuade drivers to ‘keep their distance, look twice and think twice’.

The video has been produced by Sump, a free independent classic bike magazine website based in the UK, but with readers from across the world.

Sump was created in 2009 and is ‘run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts’. Initially, the focus was on classic British bikes but the magazine has since expanded its remit to include any motorcycling issues ‘that we feel would be of interest to our visitors’.

In an email launching the video, Sump Magazine said: “Our hope is that the biking media, motorcycling clubs, motoring organisations, road safety groups, industry heads and suchlike can spread this around a little and encourage interested parties (either companies, organisations or individuals) to post the digital footage.

“At the very least, we want to increase general awareness of motorcycles.”


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