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online motorcycle mag releases safety video

Sump Magazine has produced another video aimed at promoting motorcycling in the UK; in this instance, to raise a flag for motorcycle safety.

The online motorcycle magazine has created a short YouTube video intended to make more motorists aware that motorcyclists routinely use helmet cameras. “The idea, naturally, is to persuade drivers to keep their distance, look twice, and think twice, etc,” says Sump.

“The video speaks for itself. Our hope is that the biking media, motorcycling clubs, industry heads (hah!) and suchlike can spread this around a little and encourage interested parties (either companies, organisations or individuals) to post the digital footage at the end (or even the beginning) of their own YouTube videos – especially those videos that are likely to be seen by the wider motoring community.

“It may be small potatoes, but in this world you have to do the best you can with whatever it is that you’ve got, and this ain’t Hollywood.

“Anyone who wants the digital footage can ask us for it. We’ll fire it across the ether at no cost whatsoever. And if any budding movie makers chop our logo off the end, we can live with that. The important thing is to make the roads safer for bikes.”


– Sump Magazine video campaign

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