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oset gets young bums on seats at motogp

Electric bike brand OSET provided nearly 1000 free test rides for kids aged four to 12 while promoting its range of youth and adult motorcycles at the MotoGP in Silverstone. The manufacturer of electric dirt, trials and motocross machines welcomed track stars, trials heroes, TV crews, photographers, the army and families to the OSET Village.

While the have-a-go bikes were speed, power and response limited to ensure no accidents, right next door the official demo team had the throttle and power turned up to tackle the two dozen obstacles that included a banked wall, upturned maxi-skips, see-saw and sharks teeth, designed to develop back-wheel riding skills.

In addition to trials riding, OSET’s electric motocross bike was on show.  As well as the opportunity for kids to try it out, the demo riders participated in hare and hounds style races to show some of the MX-10’s capabilities.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “It was incredible this year! We had a team of 52 to set up, manage the have goes, mind the demo riders and speak to the public about OSET motorcycles.  We believe OSET is the easiest way to introduce kids to two-wheels. They’re easier than riding a bike as you don’t even need to pedal – just twist and go – as demonstrated by the hundreds of kids that had never ridden a motorbike before and simply got on and could ride an OSET.  

“What makes them so fun, is that you can simply be a back-garden rider or you can join an OSET Cup or your local club and learn a whole heap of new skills and make a load of friends all year round.

“And what we’ve found with the MX-10 is that as the power is linear, the very youngest motocross riders often ride quicker as there’s no scary power band and they can increase the speed at a rate they feel comfortable.”

Trials legend and 12 times World Champion Dougie Lampkin headed over to spend time with the demo kids on the Day of Champions while Can Oncu, the youngest winner of a world championship race (Moto3),  Tom Luthi (Moto2), Marcel Schrotter (Moto2) and British favourite John McPhee (Moto3) all enjoyed the OSET off-road demo course.  And the team even welcomed army representatives, who headed over after hours to have play on the bikes.

Simon Armstrong, who managed the event for OSET Bikes, said: “The whole weekend was brilliant.  The aim is to get kids on two wheels while showing the skills they will be able to develop very quickly.  Trials riding is about learning technical bike skills that provide an essential foundation for whatever form of bike sport you go on to enjoy.  Some of the world’s best enduro out downhill mountain bikers learnt the technical skills they need by starting out with trials riding.

“I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all of the people who volunteered to help provide an incredible experience for hundreds of children.  You never know, one of them might be the next Marquez!”

OSET Bikes plans to return for the 2020 MotoGP which is scheduled for 30 August.


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