Monday, June 17, 2024
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Oset launches electric MX machine

Electric trials machine manufacturer Oset Bikes has officially launched its first motocross bike – the MX-10. 

The company says the ground-up design has seen the team analyse the ideal off-road geometry for children aged 4-7 and design components and systems to achieve optimum performance. 

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of Oset Bikes, said: “We knew what we wanted when we started the project and the team is confident the MX-10 delivers on every aspect – we’re incredibly proud of the bike we’ve produced!

“The market today revolves mostly around a petrol starter machine that is a simple, drum-braked, gasoline-powered 50cc machine that has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1981. With few alternatives, these bikes have sold in great numbers. The Oset MX-10 aims to provide a new and improved option!”

Smith went on: “As practice locations become increasingly scarce, the virtually silent MX-10 opens up many more options than its petrol counterparts.  It means more time on the bike, more skills and more fun!”

Aftermarket wheels and tyres can transform The MX-10 into a supermoto.


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