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Outbound Automotive expands dealer management services

Automotive telemarketing and communications specialist Outbound Automotive has launched a new video and content marketing service for 2024. The firm, set up by founder Nick Murton in 2021, has been steadily growing, providing professional outbound telephone services for motorcycle, car, truck and commercial dealerships.

The firm’s dealer support services cover all sales, service and parts department functions ranging from following up overdue enquiries and leads to service plans, MOT reminders or finance agreements that are due to expire. Outbound also assists with new product launches, targeted marketing campaigns or any other bespoke outbound telephone call requirement.

The firm is also expanding by introducing a new video and content marketing service that will allow customers to have their own bespoke, high-quality video produced at their premises, which can be used to showcase their business on social media platforms and for general marketing purposes.

Murton explains the business’s backstory: “I spent many years in dealership environments, and although I enjoyed the job immensely, one thing which stuck with me was the number of enquiries that come through the door and over the telephone. Over time, it was not easy to keep on top of every enquiry across multiple departments. That’s why I set up Outbound Automotive to ensure dealerships throughout the country have access to our professional outbound services. We can follow up on all of the overdue leads and enquiries your staff may not get the time to do, resulting in extra business.

“Also coming in the next few months is another service: video and content marketing. My colleague, Will, has a mass of experience in this field, and although outbound calling will remain our core operation, this will be a further exciting service to offer our customers.”
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