Monday, June 17, 2024
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Oxford spreads 'life is better on two wheels' message

“Life is better on two wheels” wherever and whenever it can!

Oxford Products is encouraging its staff to get on to two wheels, and the Witney-based company’s bicycle shelter and motorcycle parking bays are gradually filling up.

The distributor believes biking saves the employee time and money, and fosters a healthy passion for the company’s many products – which can make “a significant impact on product development”.

The company contributes to the cost of passing the motorcycle test and provides free kit where product testing is concerned.

Pictured are the company’s newest bikers: Luke James, Sean Caffekey, Kris Doe, Rebekah Eaglestone and Fraser Williams, as well as seasoned riders Kyle Swann and Mark Eaton.

They can now all test and help to develop products on their daily commutes.

Oxford has just broken its monthly turnover record, hitting £3.1million in May. “Exports are flying,” said Henry Rivers-Fletcher, with the motorcycle divisoion driving the growth. “Both developed and emerging markets are feeling a pick-up in the global economy.”


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