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Pals' dealership racks up the sales

A dealership opened by two friends in the second half of last year has reported excellent business.

KH Motorcycles of Market Harborough was created by Lee Kearney and Liam Hogg who told BDN: “It seems there are a lot of dealers struggling, even closing, but we have found the market much better than expected and our growth has been beyond what we could have hoped for.”

Kearney said he had been in the bike trade for more than 10 years and gave his now business partner his first job in sales when he was general manager at another motorcycle dealer.

After giving Hogg his first sales job, Kearney left to join Pidcock Ducati at the start of February 2017. “Pidcock was fantastic but in April Liam and I decided to start our own shop. We spent some time looking for suitable premises online. Although it was the furthest away, Market Harborough looked the great choice. Before its collapse, Midland Superbikes did very well in the area and there aren’t any other used bike dealers at our size anywhere near to us.

“We knew we could make it work. We sold 21 bikes that December.

“As of the end of this October [2018] we have sold 462 retail bikes and as of this morning we have 114 for sale in store. We are on track to hit over 500 in our first full year … and aim to pass 600 sales next year.

“We have a five-year lease with a very supportive landlord. We will decide closer to the time whether to take up the option to renew the lease because it is likely that by then we will need more space.”

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