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Paxter EVs for the UK and Ireland

Nordic electric compact vehicle manufacturer Paxster has awarded specialist vehicle distributor Boss ORV sole UK and Ireland distribution. Paxster’s range of electric vehicles includes the eCompact and the larger payload eStretch. Boss will be appointing Paxster dealers throughout the country.

Paxster utility vehicles are said to be engineered for hard work and practicality. Thanks to the narrow-body design, the Paxster Utility is highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Its RWD system, with optimal weight distribution, offers good traction for most everyday applications. Paxster vehicles are proven performers with various Nordic and European postal services, and the eCompact boasts more than 85 million kilometres of testing and work in the harshest conditions, with nearly 5000 units already in operation. The eCompact has a 240kg payload capacity while the eStretch offers a larger payload of 400kg.

At the core of the eCompact is a large 10kW LiFePo4 battery with a seven-year warranty. There is enough power to not only charge battery-powered tools in the field, but also to run equipment such as portable welders and jet washers with up to 3kW of auxiliary power available. Street legal and featuring an ultra-small turning radius, the eCompact is easy to drive with intuitive controls.
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