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Pinlock-ready goggles from LS2

LS2 already offers a range of motocross helmets that have proved extremely popular thanks to their lightweight shells and stylish graphics, so it was only a matter of time before the company developed its own range of matching goggles. Like the helmets, the new Aura goggles are manufactured in-house by LS2, to a high specification using the latest technology. True to its motto “AlwaysAhead”, LS2 is the first brand in the world to design goggles ready to accept a Pinlock anti-fog lens.

Already familiar to road riders and racers, Pinlock’s fog-resistant insert lenses are used by more than 10 million riders globally, but until now they have not been available for the off-road market. LS2 has a strong relationship with Pinlock, supplying its fog-resistant insert lenses as standard with most of its premium helmets, so when the team was shown the version for goggles, it embraced the opportunity.

The rest of the goggles are top rate too. The frame is double injection moulded for strength and durability and shaped to sit snugly in helmet apertures. The lens is made from injected polycarbonate, which offers 100% UVA and UVB protection, and is supplied with a two-pin tear-off system on the front.

Most goggles mist up due to lack of ventilation but the Aura Pro addresses that issue with 360-degree airflow inside. The triple-layered foam seal helps to wick away perspiration and foam blocks in the vents prevent sand and dust from getting in the eyes. A removable nose guard is also supplied.

To make all these features work the goggles need to be secure and in the correct position. To this end, outriggers hold the ultra-wide 50mm strap around the helmet while thick silicone backing strips help to make sure it doesn’t creep during use. For added durability, the adjustment buckle is moulded onto the strap, rather than stitched.

Developed in conjunction with Pinlock, the Aura Pro goggles are ready to accept the proven anti-fog system right out of the box. They are supplied with a Pinlock shield, spare iridium polycarbonate lens and a laminated tear-off kit as standard.

The LS2 Aura Pro range has an SRP of £74.99, is certified to the EN1938:2010 standard for motorcycle eyewear and are available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and black.


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