Wednesday, June 19, 2024


The expiry date for AHO derogation has NOT CHANGED and dealers should note that the deadline remains 31 December for people who applied for the “old UK AHO” dispensation.

Two industry experts got in touch with BDN following our story in yesterday’s Thank BDN It’s Friday in which we speculated that the rules might have changed behind the scenes.

The experts explained why it might appear that the rules had changed and will be supplying a full explanation, which BDN will publish as soon as the information is received. In the meantime, it’s business as usual for dealers trying to sell off derogated stock prior to the end of the year.

As for the story itself, BDN had been contacted by a dealer who had been concerned that documentation on the VCA website showed the date for the expiry of the derogation had been extended by a year. Our research seemed, incorrectly it transpires, to back that up.

BDN tried hard to check whether there had been any change, sending a series of questions to the Department for Transport more than two weeks ago and chasing up the inquiry twice without success. We also tried to check the situation with two other sources who unfortunately did not respond.

With the AHO deadline approaching and with the possibility that dealers were selling off stock at distressed prices when they didn’t need to, the decision was taken to run what we described as an “unconfirmed report”.

BDN had the best of intentions in running the story but as it turns out we only added to the confusion, for which we apologise. We still await the DfT’s response.


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