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Proactive stock shortfall approach

As was the case with new machinery, the used motorcycle market proved to be impressively resilient throughout 2021, with new stock supply issues boosting demand further. Recent feedback from dealers suggests that used activity in January is buoyant for the time of year and, given the lack of new stock and long lead times, is expected to maintain strength throughout 2022.

Stock availability remains a challenge, with dealers needing to be proactive and creative in sourcing stock to make up for the lack of trade-in machinery due to the shortfall in new machines.

We are now mid-way through winter, when daylight hours are limited and there is the constant threat of adverse weather conditions. Despite this, the meteorologial conditions so far have been fairly benign compared to last year, with little snow and ice for much of the country making for some reasonable riding conditions. This means that bikers have been out and about, including visiting dealerships.

Taking into account strong market prices and dealers stocking up in preparation for the season ahead, values have been marginally increased across most sectors for Glass’s February edition.  The exception to this is for machines in the off-road sector, where values have been held.


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