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Proposals threaten right to ride

The National Motorcyclists Council (see profile in February issue  of BDN) has issued an opinion piece entitled ‘What Will We Lose Next?’ which originates from NMC member organisation The Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF). It details how proposed changes to Traffic Regulation Orders could threaten motorcyclists’ right to ride.

“Those seeking to erode the public’s right to access their own public roads now seek to empower National Park Authorities to ban motorcycles from using sealed roads. They also seek a wholesale ban on motorcycling on all green roads – and have their eyes on roads both sealed and unsealed in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty,” says John Vannuffel of the TRF.

Should the proposals gain enough political traction and the bans consequently implemented, the effect on sales of trail/enduro and adventure motorcycles could be potentially catastrophic, says the TRF.

The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NDMA) is also a member of the National Motorcyclists Council, so members are advised to contact it to see what they can do to help preserve this important market.


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