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Reaction: The man in the white suit

I started in this stimulating industry as a sales representative for Greeves Motorcycles in January 1964; then after 30 plus years at the coalface, I entered the equally exciting classic market… working simultaneously for Sotheby’s in the auction business and for Louis Vuitton on the Concours side of things. If my abacus is still accurate these several activities have absorbed approximately a quarter of a million hours. I’m also a voracious reader, so, since 1964 and now, I’ve enjoyably digested a huge quantity of interesting print material. According to the abacus this totals around five million words.

Given the irrelevant arithmetic, above, I feel qualified to state that Colin Mayo’s 10-page historical analysis of Eric Sulley [BDN, March and April issues)] is one of the very best articles ever, whether in a trade or a consumer publication! Not only did he brilliantly chronicle the market’s devastating decline, but he listed the frightening figures involved…by which I mean the registration figures, and not the industry figures in charge of those various sales campaigns.

During my 15-year stint with Norton, Eric Sulley was mostly regarded as a plus, rather than a rival, for he was inherently committed to expanding the overall market, dragging the lesser lights with him. As Mayo confirmed and as far as our two-wheel community is concerned, Eric was surely The Man in the White Suit?
Mike Jackson, Romsey, Hampshire

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