Sunday, May 26, 2024
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I have to agree with the concerns of some dealers regarding the increasing use of e-scooters. The very thought of a proliferation of these highly dangerous and unregulated ‘vehicles’ running roughshod on our roads and pavements is a nightmare. It’s bad enough having so many anonymous and unaccountable cyclists ignoring the Highway Code and being uninsured, but to add e-scooters to the mix, some of which are ridden by hooligans, seems at least foolhardy, and at worst potentially lethal. I almost wrote ‘murderous’ here, but changed it to ‘lethal’, although I still think my first instinct may be more appropriate, given the way the majority of these testosterone-fuelled youths so often wield these missiles! Believe me, I’ve witnessed some dangerously antisocial behaviour from e-scooterists on several occasions…

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