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Ricardo warns of “archaic” forecasting risks

World disruption caused by pandemic, war, global warming, threats of further conflicts, and inflation has knocked conventional business forecasting out of the park, says automotive specialist Ricardo.

“Our long-term future cannot be extrapolated from past trends or cycles. Businesses must think the unthinkable,” says Derek Schlonsky, global president of Ricardo Strategic Consulting.

“A business-as-usual approach now risks failure in the future,” he warns. “Many strategy consultancies like to believe that studies exploring what the industry will look like in 10-15 years are valuable for clients. This is an archaic position given the technological changes that have happened in the transportation space over the past decade.”

He adds that increasing regulation and legislation further complicates forming any clear picture of the future.

Ricardo, founded in 1915 by Harry Ricardo, now covers 12 market sectors worldwide, including motorcycles, motorsport, automotive, rail and defence.

Ricardo has worked closely alongside BMW on two-wheel development since 2008, including upgrades to the K1200 motor and the full development of engines for the K1600GT six-cylinder tourer and the C600 and C400 scooters.

In 2017 Ricardo announced the establishment of a specialist Ricardo Motorcycle division following the acquisition of Italian vehicle design specialists Exnovo/Motorcycle Engineering Italia.


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