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Ruroc adds bricks and mortar retailers

When it launched its motorcycle helmets during the Covid-19 pandemic, British manufacturer Ruroc claimed it would be an online-only brand, selling helmets directly with top customer service and free returns making up for the lack of a physical retail presence where customers could try the fit.

But that always seemed like a tall order, particularly with an entirely new brand. Hardened online sellers can make a good fist of selling well-established helmet brands like Arai, Shoei, LS2 and Shark. It’s much more challenging when the customer hasn’t been able to see and feel the quality in person – despite the Ruroc helmet design being acknowledged as strong in reviews.

But now Ruroc has cracked and has signed on two ‘Brand Hubs’ at Completely Motorbikes in Hinckley and Bike Stop in Stevenage. For the first time, the firm’s Atlas 4.0 lid will be on display in showrooms for customers to try on.

“We’ve always had a purely-digital presence since inception,” said Neal Duffy, head of brand at Ruroc. “But we’re now very excited to say that we’ll have a physical presence year-round in the UK, thanks to our new partnerships with Completely Motorbikes and Bike Stop, two notable locations in the world of two wheels which both match our core values in product quality and customer service.”

“Now, before they buy, Ruroc customers have even more opportunities to try on and witness how high-quality and visually striking our Atlas range really is.”

And Ruroc is also hitting the road with a helmet display at each of the 11 BSB rounds this year, giving race-goers the chance to check out the Atlas lid in the BSB Vendor Village.


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