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Science behind flies that bug the summer motorcyclist

THEY are the ‘bugbear’ of safety-conscious riders but flies on the motorcyclist’s visor could bring dealers extra business at the till.

It’s all to do with their sex life, apparently – the flies that is.

Bruce Alexander, an entomologist and founder of Edinburgh-based Xeroshield – a company dedicated to the development of products and services incorporating innovative methods of insect pest control – knows more about this subject than most.

“Most insects fly during at least part of their life cycle and many of them form swarms, generally containing only one sex,” said Bruce.

“Congregating in large numbers makes it easier for the sexes to find each other so that mating can occur.”

Unfortunately this is bad news for motorcyclists, whose insect-splattered visor could be hazardous, says Jill Boulton of Visorcat, whose glove-mounted visor cleaner was featured in this month’s BDN.

The Visorcat contains a reservoir for visor-cleaning fluid and a sponge covered by a flap which automatically opens when the device is used to clean, and closes during the wiping operation.

Here in Britain, the most abundant swarms are likely to be made up of chironomid midges (pictured, which don’t bite) or ceratopogonid midges (which certainly do – but only the females), mayflies or thrips.

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