Sunday, June 16, 2024


Chinese electric motorcycle and scooter brand Sunra’s UK distributor Moto Electric is collaborating with anti-theft specialist BikeTrac, to endorse the all-new BikeTrac Lite product for fitment on the entire Sunra range of models.

BikeTrac Lite, which was launched last September, offers protection through a fit-and-forget tracking solution for smaller-capacity or lower-valued machines. And like the regular full-feature BikeTrac device, it enjoys Thatcham S7-rated security.

“We are keen to make sure that our customers have a range of support to keep them mobile,” explains Moto Electric director Logan Black. “While our products do come with an alarm and a physical immobiliser function as standard, locking the rear wheel when unauthorised movement is detected, we’re mindful that bike thieves go to extreme lengths. With BikeTrac, we are confident that we have a proven product and partner to offer our customers greater protection.”

The Sunra-BikeTrac endorsement link adds a further point-of-sale incentive, with Sunra’s official insurance scheme provider Lexham offering up to a 10% discount to owners of any model equipped with a BikeTrac unit.


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