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star turn from mcia on motorcycle security

The MCIA has introduced its new-motorcycle security scheme, designed to inform consumers and equip them to compare factory-fit features on different models.

“The light weight and agility of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) make them the perfect vehicle for beating congestion for those making extra-urban journeys. Unfortunately, those same attributes make them easy pickings for thieves,” the motorcycle industry body said, announcing the launch.

“In reality, many PTWs on sale today come equipped with a variety of anti-theft measures, but until now there had been no way for buyers to compare these important features on different models.

“That’s why the MCIA, the association that represents the PTW and Powered Light Vehicle industry, has introduced MCIA Secured.”

MCIA Secured is a rating programme that awards a star for each recognised security feature fitted to a PTW. The more security features included as standard by the manufacturer, the more stars, up to a maximum of five for motorcycles and scooters of 125cc (or 11kW for electric power) or over, or a maximum of three for those up to 125cc/11kW.

The elements that qualify for the MCIA Secured five-star rating are:

* A steering lock that meets the UNECE 62U standard

* An ignition immobiliser system

* A forensic marking system

* An alarm system

* A vehicle tracking system

The MCIA says the first three of the above comprise the three-star rating requirements for light motorcycles and scooters.

“From now on, buyers don’t have to be in the dark about security when considering a new PTW and will be able to find a product that meets their needs and compare it with others on the market.

“As technology evolves and new security products are introduced, so will MCIA Secured, meaning that the items required to gain a star will change over time to ensure that the most relevant security is highlighted.”

A spokesman added: “MCIA Secured will help buyers compare the anti-theft equipment fitted to new motorcycles and scooters. Although PTW theft is no longer front page news, it is still a problem, so MCIA SECURED is designed to highlight the measures manufacturers are taking (and have taken) to combat this issue.”

The MCIA says L-Category vehicles are an answer to the congestion and air quality challenges created by personal and goods transportation.


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