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stunt double bud ekins's Husky

The late Bud Ekins was the Steve McQueen stunt double for The Great Escape film and famously jumped the prison camp’s wire fence on a Triumph.
Now Bud Ekins ISDT gold-trophy-winning bike, a Husqvarna MX360 Viking, is coming up for sale with H&H Classics on 2 March at the National Motorcycle Museum for an estimate of £10,000-£15,000. As a piece of bike history its owner’s powerful film story and star friendships will add to the bike’s value.
The two men, Bud and Steve McQueen, were friends and bike buddies, and both feature in the On Any Sunday film. James Sherwin “Bud” Ekins was an American professional stuntman in the US film industry who was considered to be one of the film industry’s most accomplished stuntmen, with a body of work that includes classic films such as The Great Escape and Bullitt. He was born in 1930 Hollywood and died in LA in 2007 at the age of 77.
Ekins rode his Husqvarna MX360 Viking as part of the Team America in the 1967 Polish ISDT (International Six-Day Trial) at Zakopane. They were awarded a gold medal.
According to auctioners H&H, the Husqvarna has been verified by Bud Ekins’s brother Dave Ekins. It has correct numbers and has been restored in California to a high standard.
The bike comes complete with lots of provenance, spares and a history file.
The 360 retailed for $1150 back in 1966. One remaining Viking was restored to out-of-the-crate condition by John Lefevre and was valued at $25,000 and can be seen at the Early Years of Motocross Museum in the USA. Only 10 1966 Husqvarna 360 Vikings were imported to the USA.


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