Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Sunra on a shoestring

It’s perhaps no surprise to hear an electric bike firm like Sunra preaching the benefits of battery-powered two-wheelers. But the UK head office of the firm has been crunching some numbers to back up its claims and it reckons that running one of its machines, the ROBO-S, for 3300 miles a year could cost less than £5 a month in electricity. Meanwhile finance is available to make Sunra bikes available to own from just £77 per month.

Logan Black of Sunra UK commented, “It’s been interesting to learn more about the habits of our customers and at the same time look more at the affordability picture too. Not only do we understand our customer base better, but it’s been interesting to see how running and finance costs are considered alongside daily purchases, such as something as simple as a cup of coffee.”


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