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Super Tech for new KTM

Launched in the USA, the KTM 890 Adventure R has been developed to cope with any type of adventure you care to throw it at. Taking design features from the 450 Rally, such as the WP XPLOR suspension, bodywork, fairing, fuel tank and engine protector, makes it fit for many purposes.

The really clever part is the electronic options. The 5-inch TFT display, equipped with USB-C connecters, features a completely new appearance with coloured pictograms and intuitive graphics that allow for easy navigation through the menus. In addition, the latest upgrades provide a developed turn-by-turn plus navigation system that allows the rider to select the preferred destination from their last selections. A new call-out function allows a favourites call option, with a maximum of 10 numbers.

KTM has also included the next generation of ABS control unit. It takes readings from the 6D sensor, which continually informs the CMU on the angle, pitch, speed and general behaviour of the motorcycle, so as to apply the correct amount of braking force for any given situation. Off-road ABS is an integrated element of Off-road Mode, or the optional Rally Mode can be used without the need to select the Off-road ABS separately.

The new KTM 890 Adventure R will allow riders to take advantage of all the specs and options for the first 1500 kilometres, before the rider needs to decide which pack or features to acquire. Thanks to the Demo Mode setting, adventurers can feel and experience the areas of the bike they prefer.


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