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Talon Raptor fork clamps

If you want to fine tune the front end of a dirt bike and add a bit of bling at the same time, then Talon has the answer. Raptor (RAPidly Tune-able Offset Race) Fork Clamps are the result of more than 1000 hours of R&D, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and real-world testing at national and international level racing.

They are CNC-machined in-house from aerospace-grade aluminium alloy to provide extra stiffness to the forks, improving feel and performance. Lighter than OEM clamps, they feature split clamping for a better hold on the fork legs and to allow for accurate torque settings. Bend-Line Support on the lower edge of the bottom clamp enables a smoother fit with the fork leg during impacts and hard riding. They’re fully adjustable with 6mm of offset adjustment, from 19 to 25mm, and they use OEM handlebar rubber mounts which accept all current OEM and aftermarket bar mount systems.

Talon supplies the Raptor clamps with their latest Raklok adjustable bar mounts, providing 8mm of front-to-back movement for the handlebars. Rack-style toothed position adjustment moves in increments of 2mm, for easy setting with a high shear-strength ‘locked’ mounting. This ‘set and forget’ bar positioning means there’s no need to move levers, bar front-back roll angle or left to right position in order to adjust the bars. Additionally, a cross brace mount plate between bar mounts prevents bar torsion or ‘tweaking’ during crashes, so handlebars don’t need to be loosened and settings disturbed to release the twist.

Also CNC-machined in Talon’s UK factory, using aerospace-grade aluminium alloy and high-performance engineering steel alloy, the Raklok comes in 1? or ?-inch bar diameters.

Talon’s Triple Clamp retails at £699.99 for the Raptor and Raklok set-up. Standard anodised colours are black, orange (KTM), red (GasGas), blue (Husqvarna), red (Honda), blue (Yamaha) and green (Kawasaki), with an option to upgrade to silver, pink, purple, magnesium, titanium or gold.
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